Selected Publications

Academic Works*

Sisler, A. (2016). Adolescents’ value orientation development in light of socio-cultural influences. Doctoral Dissertation. Berlin: Technical University of Berlin Library.

Lind, G. (trans. Sisler, A.). (2016). How to teach morality: Promoting deliberation and discussion, reducing violence and deceit. Logos: Berlin.

^Review: Ayres, W. (2016, December 14). Review of How to teach morality: Promoting deliberation and discussion, reducing violence and deceit, by G. Lind. Education Review, 23.

Sisler, A. (2015). Locating diverse epistemologies in social development: An integrative pluralistic approach in the Haida Gwaii context. Presented at the Society for Research in Child Development. Leiden, Netherlands.

Sisler, A. (2015). Basic Income, eco-logical ethics, and interdependent well-being. Ethics in Progress..

Sisler, A. (2015). Neuroscientific inquiry into the collective unconscious. HUMANIORA Journal.

Sisler, A. (2015). Co-Emergence in ecological continuum. Ethics in Progress Journal.

Sisler, A. & Ittel, A. (2014). Siblings in adolescence: Emerging individuals, lasting bonds. Hove, UK: Taylor & Francis.

^Review: Waters, L. (2015). Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 44, 1660. doi:10.1007/s10964-015-0319-8.

Hess, M., Ittel, A., & Sisler, A. (2014). Gender role socialization. European Journal of Developmental Psychology.

Ittel, A., & Sisler, A. (2012). Third Culture Kids: Adjusting to a changing world. Diskurs Kindheits- und Jugendforschung Heft.

Selected Miscellaneous Works*

Sisler, A., & Sugiyama, J. (2016). Poverty kills: Inequality is bad for health. Socialist Alternative, Issue 4.

Lind_in collaboration with Sisler_(2015)_Sins_of_moral_psychology_validity

Sisler, A. (2015). An intra- and inter-cultural deepening: Reflections on the ITKE-led Training. Budapest, Hungary.

Sisler, A. (2010). Social Dominance Orientation MEd Unpublished Dissertation (minus back matter).

Sisler, A. Riveter_Name It. UMAN Women’s Collective.

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