Ritual rebirth

Neue Kirche, 10243


Why in youth we chose to live in gated grounds

Ushered from Capital ceded territories

Dark-winged guardians

Tattooed thick with metallic thistles and thorns

A new Necropolis


Grove for coarse amalgam:

Magnanimous Merrils, anarchistic Ana Marias,

our Queen Eunuchs born from Golden Gates

Whisked up and dropped off on cemetery streets

Circumnavigating graveyard scape

Peppered by the drunk and the done

Those whose state belies their fierceness of pace


For can the mind wander when it is not detached, dancing?

Roaming and groping like they do, strewn over predatory prairies, high on anomie

Skipping to Fabrik parties, receiving parcels from tree dealers in the greens

Wakeful with thievish watch:

Here comes the end of the month

Gotta get some income to come into

Then grateful surcease after sickles and scythes

Neo-con depreciation all the better to

Sample the pull of plebeian pleasures.


Capitulations that hurl thousand-headed children of the Rhine, Iberia,

St. Peter’s and Paul’s by way of Athenian-Jetstream

Crusading Antipodes through Stratosphere

Transposed to tarnished fields of chitchat and complacency

Quelled by themed nights and dim neon lights

Interminable howl pushed down and under

Pallor who squats arched and curled in primordial position

Wakeful, staring, steadied

Intimations of hurled unfurling


Boomerang back to here

To the bars

To drifting, sifting, in and amongst the Ariels with the cigarette-ready hands

Who haven’t wholly returned – or is it arrived? Not quite yet

What would they do for continuance

That is sustenance that is unconditional interdependence

On what awaits deliverance?


Mulled over sips from stained goblets (found fourth hand)

Lulled by electronic hums and crescendos of night tide’s flight

Saturday queer-lined straight-edgers purged through their bodies’ work

Bedside sentinels to felled fellow disciples who lay loaded

Casually catatonic in blown-out bass catacombs


And in the midst, the religious revellers wonder, in all earnestness,

‘Will they take nakedness in sleep

These breeders, the labor enslavers, the founders and heads?’

We marvel at their needs and dreams and covers

Full torpor and ennui, coats of semi-sane satiety

Embalmed energy that corrodes from core out


It is us, with our life, our clothes, our steps who openly ride

How we come to communion by the train-full over rat-hiding tracks

From Commons’ park that paths to the coal-burning box as atelier as home

History-choked chimneys, watch towers overhead

Garlands of blue jeans flickering between the break of passing cars’ swerve


And once in, suppression separated out –

Combined skins, breaths, and sweats,

Beating hearts’ tangling entwine

Rooted decay asphyxiates

Giving way to euphoric celebratory high

Integral ascent Friday night’s down

Our future views momentous morning

Crescendo: Buried rebirth

Antidote found


By A. L. Sisler


Ger Kelliherzenahollowaylights


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