Quantitative easing

Lock, Stock, NASDAQ



Dow Jones falls

Dow Jones falls

Dow Jones falls

Dow Jones down

Jones drop down

Hey, Jones?


Trading floorboards

Flash past

Walls wail

Heavy weight hits

Great ones gone

Through to Jones

Jones goes home

So Jones alone

Meet Ms. Jones

Still alone

Sleep Jones sleep

Cold Weep


Whaddya say, Jones?

Jones back work

Jones up up high

Jones forecast fronts

Forecast Jones

Weathering Jones

Storm Jones

Some clouds, hey, Jones?


See them

Prospect futures


Whaddya see Jones?

Tell pressure sales

Up up up

Winds force wail

Steep edge pale

Right, Jones?

Piecemeal peaces

Permanent hole

The creases cave in

Hey Jones?


Still in Jones

Stone face Jones

No gains good

No growth goods

Now frown in Jones

Churnin’ inward

Immolate insiders

Feast on siliceous self


Sill of up? Or drop?

Straddle, grasp on

Brittle ledge of collapse

Will he, Willy?

Just watch

Him Jones


Jones look down

All sides one

Way falls

Bottom lines


To Dead End.


Beneath cloud’s abyss

All day grey

We, the children of nuclear family fallout

Seek, crawling on fours

No shine.

New Times.



A. L. Sisler

Levi van Veluw

Photo: Levi van Veluw

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