Collection: Counterbalance

Engraver’s Revenge




A scribe implicit

Bound and laid down

In inner circle


Record ills by lovers and lords

Vanitas’ offer to Avarice

Harried press Shibboleth





Hier ist einen Aufruf

An alle: Achtung

Komm’ Tag der Abrechnung

Ihr alle: Achtung

Begonn’ hat die Gleichung schon



Simian Tasks or Evolution of the Out Source


Sinecure feats

Blood n marrow

Drained into keyboard

Tasks ticked off

Ritual to riches

Freedom offered at cost

Darwin’s tally sheet

Even spreads race


Merger sprint

The Firm arms

Splinter in every direction

Finish each of them off

Trim unit branches

Spit out files

Swing on bare knuckle

Freeing finches,

Clock pushers,

These tickers.


Encoding a one-world island.

Any day now,

Any day.



By A. L. Sisler



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