Beyond the 2015 Election

“Critical thinking without hope is cynicism. Hope without critical thinking is naïveté.” – M. Popova

The Leap Manifesto

It’s an act of radical love to criticize that which needs to be called out when done with humanity in heart and mind and, crucially, to not stop there. To continually affirm the power of unity in diversity with a resolute kindness and fierce humility.

Never before has it been more important for Canadians to work beyond party lines. To forget the falsity of divisive, combative politics masquerading as democratic participation. To do rid of inveterate corporate (Conservative) elitist subterfuge and their attempts to foment ‘discreet’ cultural, racialized, class wars.

No matter who you vote for, we’ll remain neighbours, sharing the land. Wanting and wishing the best for one another, striving for each person’s right to be self-determining, well, and free. Acknowleding our interdependence with a steadfast commitment and resolve beyond self-interests. Standing up when something doesn’t ring true with common core values.

The disgraces of the current government and elements ingrained in and thrust upon our collective society require immediate reversal, while the contributing factors run deep and wide. It will require a re-awakening of how we conceptualize and treat one another. It will require mass political participation and social transformation away from myopic “think of the economy!” myths and appeals. For we either further entrench that which harms or we enact new ways of being and living in harmony.

Obviously, I don’t like being lied to. I don’t like not being asked what I want and having things done to me, my loved ones, community, and environment without consent. I don’t like not being proud of my government while I strive to be embracing of all (a joyful but messy work in progress, admittedly). We undoubtedly deserve better than the Harper-led Conservatives’ pre-packaged, dehumanizing, demoralizing toxic ideology of fear, war, and materialism (see Donald Sustein on the particularly noxious brand of Harperism and international spread of Neoliberal think tanks, their distorted thinking, and ensuing, on-going wreckage). 

If you think strategic voting doesn’t fit with you ideologically, do reconsider (in my case, I align mostly with the Greens’ platform yet voted Liberal because, well, strategy and the fact that Joyce Murray is incredibly fit for the job). The non-Harper-led parties and candidates themselves widely support electoral reform and cooperation. This is a good thing. We will only get to cast a vote with maximal impact, input, and personal alignment with these needed reforms, come future elections. This time around,  I voted with the explicit purpose to oust Harper’s regime, however imperfect the process. I did so with aide of an elegantly simple site with in-built forecasting tools (see below).

Voting wisely is acting boldly. I hope Canadians will do this and open a new chapter. One where we no longer fight against one another but move forward, together.


LEAD Now Campaign

The Leap Manifesto